Thursday, 19 March 2015

How The Dragon Queen Got Her Helmet

Yay! Despite the pink hair, this is not meant to be a drawing of me, but of a doll I had as a little girl called Dragon Queen from a He-Man/She-Ra knock-off toy line called Golden Girl and The Guardians of The Gemstones. I loved this doll when I was wee and remember being quite upset when my parents bought me the book and I found out Dragon Queen was meant to be a baddie!

The Guardians of The Gemstones dolls were actually way cooler than the She-Ra dolls they were knock-offs of. While She-Ra dolls had interchangeable dresses and sparkly hair brushes, GoTG dolls had proper badass weapons and wore animal skins. Dragon Queen even had her own weird spiky meat-shield thing you can see in the drawing which, on the doll, doubled as a necklace for little girls to wear (seriously!).

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